Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Pizza

        Why is the president so proud of all the millions of people who are signing up for Medicaid? It's free health insurance. Who refuses 'free?' 
        And the millions who the Congressional Budget Office now says will be working less hours or quitting their jobs altogether so they'll be eligible for free or subsidized insurance? More pride?
      "Want some pizza?"
      "No thanks. I just ate."
      "It's free."
       "Hmm, in that case, ok. I'll take it home for later."
       "I can throw on some pepperoni for a buck."
        "No, thanks. Pepperoni gives me heartburn."
        "Quit your job and it's free too."
        "Ok. I could use a rest. Throw it on. My wife will eat it."
Question #1: What's the difference between free pizza and free health insurance?
       Ans.: Free pizza has tomato sauce.
Question #2: Who's going to pay for all this 'free' stuff?
       Ans.: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."