Sunday, December 12, 2021

Here Today, Somewhere Else Tomorrow


        "Mommy, what does 'transient' mean?"
        "What a big word, Johnny. Where did you learn a word like that?"
        "We were learning about money in school today and I said how angry Daddy gets because everything costs so much more than it used to. Teacher said it was because of Inflation and everything would go back to normal soon."
        "Is your teacher a Democrat?"
        "I think so."
        "Anyway, some people want to help poor people live better so they get the government to print up lots and lots of money and then they give it out to the poor people."
        "But mommy, if you print up lots of money and just give it out, won't that make the money worth less so everything costs more and daddy's everywhere get angry. Mommy's too."
        "How did you know that?"
        "Elementary my dear mother."
        "Not to everyone."
        "Anyway, what does that have to do with 'transient?"
        "Well, some people think that even if this causes inflation, it will only be temporary and will go away soon. That's what 'transient" means. Temporary. It's another word for 'magic.;"
        "Who would believe silly stuff like that?"
        "A lot of people who should know better."

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Who Was That Binary I Saw You With Last Nite?


        When my grandparents came to America, they spoke only Yiddish. 
        "Hallo. Ich denkt os mir vilt hobben tzvey bageluch und a bisselah crim cheese." ["Hello. I think that I would like to have two bagels and a little cream cheese."]
        To which the response from the grocery clerk was generally, "Hey Grandpa. This is America. Speak English."
        Since Jews dislike going hungry only slightly less than they like changing flat tires, my grandparents, and everyone else's grandparents, eventually learnt English and got all the bagels and cream cheese they could eat, which is...quite a lot. Interestingly, no one ever suggested that the rest of America had an obligation to learn Yiddish.
        Of course, the times they are, as they say, a-changing. If my grandparents were around today, they might have to hold the cream cheese or, at least, skip the bagels.
        "Hello. I would like you to give me two bagels and a little cream cheese."
        "What? What. You don't have cream cheese? The bagels are stale?"
        "You called me 'you.' My pronoun is 'they' or 'them' or 'zeit' or maybe 'zisssel.' But you didn't even care enough to ask. N-o-o-o-o, not you. Not Mr. Who Cares What's a Person's Pronoun. You're much too important for that.You, you, racist you!"
        "Moma! Moma! Vos is doos? Vos is da mahr mit im?" [Moma! Moma! What is this? What is the matter with him?"]
        Now, if only the world would just learn to speak Yiddish. Life would be so much simpler....and probably funnier too.