Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Muslim Ban That Wasn't

        There are approximately 50 Muslim majority nations that make up the Islamic World.
        President Trump's  temporary travel ban only applied to seven of them, countries which comprise the list of 'countries of concern', a list that was compiled by the Obama Administration. 
        Muslims from the other 43, as well as Muslims living any place else in the world are to be  treated  exactly the same as anyone of any other religion. So, how can this be a 'Muslim ban' if it doesn't ban 'Muslims?'
        Suppose Communism were to have a resurgence in Eastern Europe and we decided to place restrictions on travel by folks coming from Poland or Hungary, most of whom are Christian. Would this count as a 'Christian ban?'
        Or if Nazis were to start making noise again in Germany and we were to restrict travel from that country until we could find out what was going on, another Christian ban? 
        If you don't let Blacks eat at your lunch counter because they're black, that's a 'Black Ban.' Keep Jews out of your country club because they're Jews and that's a 'Jewish Ban.'
        But if you restrict travel from countries that you believe might present a terrorism threat, it doesn't become a religious 'ban' just because most of the people in those countries  happen to be of a particular religion.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Send us your tired, your poor,,,ok, maybe just your tired."

        With all the talk about immigration bans and such, how come we hear so little anymore about preferential admissions from the Middle East of Christians and Yazidis?
        Aren't these the folks who are being subjected to widespread murder, torture and rape? Isn't that considered to be 'genocide' anymore? 
        Or could it be that it might have occurred to someone, or several someones, that the same American President who would stand up to genocide today in the Middle East might have also taken a stand against genocide in Europe 60 years ago and 'preferentially admitted' a few million Jews.
        Could make him look...good. Lot of very influential people out there might not want to see that happen.
        "Don't be ridiculous. No one would believe it. Everyone knows he's an anti-Semite."
        "You sure?"
        "Of course, I'm sure. He's a Republican, isn't he?"