Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pourquoi Ukraine?


The Russia/Ukraine war began when Russia wanted assurances that Ukraine would not allow NATO to build a military base in Ukraine, i.e. on the Russian border, and Ukraine refused. But was that a completely unreasonable request?
During World War !!, the Russians lost over 20,000,000 of their citizens. NATO was planned to be a nuclear facility and was built to combat Russia.  What would be so terrible for Ukraine to have said we're not joining, we don't want to kill you. Let's ear. (Remember the president of Ukraine is Jewish.)
And the ironic part if all this is that when the situation was reversed, i.e. when the United States was in a similar situation, we made the same request without a second thought. You don't think so? Well, think again.
Remember the Cuban missile crisis of 1962? The one that almost started WWIII? The Russians installed missiles in Cuba, which they were allowed to do. The Cubans accepted the Russian base, which they were allowed to do. And Kennedy threatened a naval blockade which could easily have become nuclear.. And we waited, and waited, and waited....
Russian missiles in Cuba. NATO missiles in Ukraine.You have a problem with all that? Me neither. Does it ever seem like the bottom line in all these fun times is really just whose samovar is being gored? Hmmm.

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