Sunday, May 14, 2017

Austerity Yesterday, Austerity Tomorrow, but...

       Watching all those Greek students marching thru the streets of Athens, waving the Greek flag, wrapped in the Greek flag, laughing, singing, cheering...could remind a person of the French students in 'Les Mis' and the Paris uprising of 1832. Different flags but, students are students. Young is young.
        Live free or die. Live FOR free or die. What's the difference? It's only one word. Oh, those Greeks. 
         Death or food stamps. Don't take it all so seriously. Life is way too short. Don't be so...austere.
Dear Greek Friends,
        Your political leaders want you to like them and will sometimes tell you what they know you want to hear.
        'Austerity' is not a choice. It's not jelly beans or soup or austerity or ice cream or...(pick one). You don't get to decide which one you want. 'Austerity' is paying back what you owe and then living within your means. That's the one you have to pick, sooner or later, or it will be picked for you and you'll never get any jelly beans or soup and definitely no ice matter what anyone tells you.  
        And don't wait until the music stops or it could be too late. You may have forgotten how to dance.

        Good luck from your friends in Detroit and Chicago and Baltimore and....a few other places.
        "We could have danced all night. We could have danced all night. And still have asked for...oh, you know."

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