Monday, May 8, 2017

Buffeted by Buffett

     I like Warren Buffett.
     He's smart, lives relatively modestly (for a billionaire, that is), doesn't believe in spoiling his kids, is giving the bulk of his fortune to charity and, unlike most of America, is older than me. Most everyone else also likes and respects Warren Buffett.
      So, when Warren Buffett says that America is a rich country and that rich people don't pay their fair share and should pay more in taxes, he's saying what most people believe anyway. And now, it must be true, because WARREN BUFFETT also says it's true. Soak the Rich and Spread the Wealth can go right up there with E Pluribus Unum.
     But, wait a minute. With the possible exception of Kuwait, which is floating on a sea of oil so vast that you can poke a stick in the ground and it'll squirt out like borscht,  there are no 'rich countries.' Not America, not anywhere. There are only countries in which a lot of rich people live.

     The reason this difference is so important is that, if you live in a 'rich country' and you're a citizen, you're clearly entitled to some of the wealth. Hey, it's yours. On the other hand, if you live in a country with a lot of rich people and your neighbor happens to be one of them, well, 'what's it to you, buddy?'  

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