Saturday, May 6, 2017

Your Kids Can Go To School With The Obama Kids

        Well, maybe not the exact same school, but a similar school, i.e. a private school. In case you hadn't noticed, President Obama, who is a staunch supporter of public schooling, sends his kids to a private school. In other words, he is a staunch supporter of public schooling for...your kids.
        The last president who pledged to send his children to a public school was George Washington who then lived out his life without having any children. Is this a great country or what?
      And don't be so quick to accept the excuse that they're the President's kids and we have to make sure they're safe.      
      Remember, these kids travel in a bulletproof limousine, are surrounded  by crack Secret Servicemen (okay, and women), who are armed to the teeth, pledged to take a bullet for the First Family, are backed up by every military asset within 100 miles except possibly for Luke Skywalker and they're not safe in any Washington, D.C. public school? but your kids are?
      You should be able to use your tax money to pick the school of your choice. Give every child a voucher that can be used in any school the parent chooses. Take it out of the education budget. Less kids, less money. Everyone agrees, except the teachers' unions. Schools are for educating children. They're not supposed to be a jobs program For teachers.

       And don't listen to the 'experts' who tell you that you can't possibly know enough to pick the right school for your child. As a doctor who was once a teacher, I can tell you 100% positively and certainly that it's no more difficult to pick a good teacher than it always has been to pick a good pediatrician. In fact, it's easier.

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