Friday, May 19, 2017

What Did He Say?!

"I have a dream that someday all men can live as brothers."
        "Yeah! G-d bless you, Dr. King."
        "Martin's the man!"
"And be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin."
         "Yes, Reverend King. Say it like it is."
         "Beautiful! 'Content of their character.' Right on, brother!"
"And that someday all people can live together like neighbors, white and black, black and white. Right next door to each other."
        "Yeah, G-d bles...Huh? What did he say?"
        "I think he said we should all live together."
"I have a dream that someday little black boys and girls will sit in the same classrooms as little white boys and girls."
        "Wait a minute! How's that going to work out? My kid starts Poly in the fall. Isn't
        yours going to St. Ann's?"
        "Damn right she is."
"And that someday white folks will give up promotions on their jobs so that black folks can get those promotions to make up for past wrongs."
          "What? Did you hear that? This guy's nothing but a damn...Commie!"
"But, in the meantime, I have a dream that it's okay if white folk just wear Trayvon Martin souvenir tee shirts and hoodies and go to Central Park to do the wave and sing about social injustice and watch MSNBC."
           "Whew! That's more like it. Making me a little nervous there for a minute."
           "Yeah, me too." 

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