Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cairo Banana

       When the late economist Alfred Kahn worked in the Carter administration, he was rebuked for using terms like 'recession' or 'depression' to describe the then-current economic downturn because it was felt that these terms would frighten the public. 
        So he started speaking about the economy as being in a 'banana' which had a calming effect on people ("So we have no money and no job but it's alright because we're only in a banana. We'll be okay."),,,until he was rebuked by the United Fruit Company.
      Hmm, has possibilities. When the Egyptian military overthrew the democratically elected government a few years ago, would we have to stop giving them aid the way the law says?
      Well, maybe the Egyptian military didn't really stage a coup. That's it! They didn't stage a coup. They staged a 'banana.' And, since there's no law against giving aid to a country whose military stages a 'banana'... 
        Then there's the IRS 'banana,' the Benghazi 'banana,' the Holder-knew 'banana', the You've got to pass it to see what's in it 'banana,' Scandals? What Scandals? Anyone see a scandal? Me neither.
       Sometimes it seems like it's just all in how you say it. Have to be a little careful though because too many 'bananas' and, before you know it, it starts looking like you're becoming a.....banana republic.

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