Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Please, Sir, I want some more...:

        If Charles Dickens were writing today, maybe, instead of more porridge, Oliver Twist would have known what he really needed,
        "Please, Sir, I'm cold and I'm hungry. I want some more...carbon dioxide."
        "What?! You little denier! Don't you know that carbon dioxide is a terrible pollutant and, if we don't get rid of it right away, we'll all die."
        "No, Mr. ex-Vice President, Sir. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Carbon dioxide up there in the atmosphere is a greenhouse gas and keeps us all warm and toasty. And, down here, plants use carbon dioxide to make food and animals eat the plants and we eat the animals and the plants. Without carbon dioxide, we'd all starve....and freeze."
        "What are you talking about, you little twerp?"
        "Twist, sir. Oliver Twist."
        "Whatever, anyway...Ow!"
        "What is it, sir?"
        "You got me so upset, I lost a filling."
        "An inconvenient tooth?"
        Several other inconvenient teeth,
        - Carbon is not a pollutant. Protein is made up of chains of carbon atoms along with other stuff. No carbon, no protein. No protein,, And don't forget CARBON dioxide.
        - Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and its climate has been changing ever since.
        - 97% of climate scientists agree that we are now in a warming phase since the Little Ice Age ended in 1850, which is normal after cold periods end, and that human activity has contributed somewhat to it. 97% of editorial writers for the New York Times believe, well, all the rest...

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