Friday, May 12, 2017

Ukraine for Dummies

        Crimea, Sevastopol, Russian Black Sea Fleet...all very Russia. But why to us? the United States? We have no treaty with Ukraine, no vital interests there. Why are we getting involved?
        Did the Russians get involved when we were busy reservationizing (Is that a word?) Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Elizabeth Warren, and all the rest?
        "Harumph, harumph, we cannot abide such imperialism," said the British after finally being thrown out of every country in the world. 'The sun never sets on the British Empire.' Oh, sorry, that was last week.
         "Sacre Bleu, mon ami," said the French after Dien Bien Phu finally ended 'French' Indo China. "Thees Russians, we cannot allow this imperialism expansion. Who do they think they are? Us? Non, Non. Non."
        "Anyone want a waffle?" said the Belgian ambassador after the last Belgian soldier left the Belgian Congo leaving it The just plain Congo, the absolutely poorest country on the planet.
from the samovar,
        Continuing to pursue a 'NATO Creep' policy that tries to get all the countries that border Russia to become part of NATO will eventually get someone hurt, maybe killed. Maybe better to stay home and...have another waffle. 

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